The following pictures were made while removing some housings for repairs.
For those of you who always wanted to know how these parts look inside or without covering may find some answers here.
Engine Sound 500SEC
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Fuel pump relay:
Expensive, although it looks cheap.
Front brake:
When changing the brake pads, the brake rotors and the wheel bearings were changed, too.
Rear brake:
The brake pads and rotors were changed on this axle also. The seperately bolted aluminium spacers add 22mm each side.
Air pump:
It does it's job in a hidden place, until...
...humidity enters and... ...corrodes all bearings blocks and the slipping magnetic clutch squeals.
Hydraulic valve lifters:
This one comes from a 420 M116 engine...
...and has reached the end of its life-span. Radiator:
Clogging was the cause of too high engine temperature. The transmission cooler is located in the lower part of the radiator (double-walled tube)
Fuel injector:
The steel version was in production until 1990-91, then replaced by the brass version. The injector also contains a small fuel filter. Once the fuel injectors are...
...found as troublemakers, replacing the full set is wise.
Passengers side, underneath the dashboard:
This picture shows the control units for the alarm and the preheater, also parts of the wiring for the trip computer...
...and when the engine stalls and the fuel pump and it's relay are still OK, check the one-pole connection below the red plug for the airbag.
Pictures of the engineoverhaul on my 500SEC (Winter 2001/02)
The original engine had to be overhauled, showing leaking gaskets, O-rings, worn valve stem guides and many other faulty things. The whole front and both oil pans were removed, so that there was only the short block left. Of course I also installed a new timing chain with guide rails. While the engine was on the workbench, I also removed the steering box for overhaul.
The cylinder heads were complete dismantled. All parts were numbered and then checked. The surfaces of the heads were re-grinded and the worn valve stem guides were replaced in a professional machine shop. Valves:
On the left outlet valves and on the right inlet valves. Clear to see the results of worn valve stem seals. All 16 valves were used again after cleaning and re-grinding.
The camshafts showed only little wear within tolerances of new ones so that they could be put back in place.
The KE fuel injection system recieved a complete cleaning and new fuel injectors. During assembly the engines silver finish has been renewed. New V-belts, tension reel, and an ignition distributor were mounted. The alternator and the power steering pump were overhauled.
The automatic transmission was free of trouble. It needed only an oil change, a new oil filter and some gaskets. Ready to join the rest of my SEC! The engine and transmission were put back in one piece. This setup weighs approx. 250kg The used engine mounts were replaced. On the left a new one, on the right a collapsed one from the drivers side.
Without engine and transmission, the car can be steered with just one finger. The car has still it's original, factory fitted exhaust system.
To be continued...